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7 Announcements from Facebook’s F8 Conference

7 Announcements from Facebook’s F8 Conference  Facebook’s F8 Conference was held earlier this month – May 1 & 2 – in San Jose, California. The two days were spent showcasing new tools, viewing amazing work from the developers and discovering new ways to bring the world closer together. Mark Zuckerberg even made several exciting announcements…

5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch For 2018

5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2019 It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached this time of the year already! The holidays are quickly approaching, which means businesses are scrambling to get things in order. Immediately after the holidays is a new year with new trends to explore. Based on what we’ve…

Should I Pay Someone to Manage My Social Media?

Should I Pay Someone to Manage My Social Media?  By now you know that you can’t approach social media in a disorganized, fly-by-night manner. You must be strategic, thoughtful and on the money. In other words, managing your social media accounts is a full-time job. If you are treating it as an afterthought, you are…

Traditional vs Digital Marketing for Home Renovation Contractors

How Home Renovation Contractors Can Use Digital Marketing Owning a home renovation company is rewarding, but it also leaves you with a lot of responsibility. What are the best ways to promote your business? Which marketing strategies give you the biggest bang for your buck? Should you do your own marketing or trust someone else?…


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