6 Ways to Build Your Brand

Building your brand is something that you’re always doing. It’s necessary because your brand is always changing, and you need to readjust your marketing strategy to reflect this. Another reason why brand building is constant is because you look to sell to new markets. If you’re a local company, your original business goal was probably to sell to local customers. But as your business grows, you expand your territory to other cities, states and possibly countries.


Building your brand isn’t a flawless strategy, though. It takes careful time, planning and experimentation. What works for one audience may not work for another, and the strategies you use must show the authenticity of your brand. If you don’t align your goals with the services provided, you’re going to lose the trust of your customers.


Let’s explore five effective ways to build your brand today, tomorrow and in the future.


  1. Connect with Your Audience


This may sound obvious, but it’s important to actually connect with your audience rather than just assume you do. Posting content on social media may seem like a good attempt at reaching people, but how do you know the content is landing in the right hands? How do you know that people are reading it? How do you know that it’s valuable to them? Part of reaching your audience comes from learning about them and what they like/dislike. So don’t just talk about yourself. Show your audience what you can do for THEM.


  1. Post Images and Videos of Your Culture


A great way to connect with people and build up your brand is by posting images and videos. Not only does this give people a peek inside your business, but also it helps them construct an image of what your company is like. Are you fun and laidback or serious-minded and structured? What does your office look like? How do your employees interact with each other? What do you do for fun? Pictures and videos prove authenticity much more than words.


  1. Avoid Scheduled Posts


Scheduled posts can be convenient, and we’re not saying never to use them. Sometimes you have to if you want to get everything done in a day’s time. But use scheduled posts sparingly. It’s much better to post to each account individually and do so in real time. This shows others that you’re actually there, and it gives you the opportunity to respond and engage in real time.


  1. Be Present


Building on #3, it’s important to be available for your customers. If someone posts a question, answer it promptly. Otherwise, they’re going to feel like they are not important, and they’ll have to get a response from someone else. (And that someone else may recommend another brand or product over yours). Acknowledge when people give you praise, and admit when you’re wrong.


  1. Be a Storyteller


It may be time to practice your storytelling skills with your kids or nieces/nephews. People naturally want to trust other people, but it’s important to connect with them on a personal level. Stories help you achieve this goal, and you don’t need anything fancy to prove it. Tell a sentimental story that moves people or share a funny experience that your customers will relate to. The goal is to show your customers that you share similar morals/values.


  1. Have a Consistent Website


Your brand should be consistent on your website so that visitors know they are on your site no matter which page they’re on. (Some visitors will enter your website through other pages, not your homepage.) Each page should have your company name clearly posted, and the layout, colors, font, tone, etc. should be consistent. Follow the same rules for your mobile site, too.


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