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Digital Marketing Case Study


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Roofing Contractor

A locally owned and operated roofing company had little digital presence and a static website. They needed to increase leads to keep busy throughout the entire year, not just during the rainy seasons. We implemented an inbound strategy to keep their lead pipeline consistently full. A proven, methodical approach to new content generation, search-engine optimization, digital advertising and social media drove improved traffic, conversions, and lead flow.


We found the existing site ranked well for valuable keywords, but the rankings were limited in scope, therefore missing huge opportunities in other keyword sets. A competitive analysis was executed to establish the digital marketing strategy, complete with new keyword targets. A set of metrics were established to match company goals. Initial website changes were also made to enhance the user experience and increase conversions. In addition to implementing blogging, search engine marketing, and social posts, several offers were implemented to convert visitors into leads, such as quizzes to measure prospect needs and educational instruction regarding the care, maintenance and repair of roofing.

Additionally, to expand local visibility and drive search engine rankings, individual web pages with supporting micro-location pages were added along with over 150 local directories claimed and populated.
Website conversions were then optimized utilizing landing page and CTA (Call-to-Action) A/B testing, to drive more leads and continually improve performance.

New search engine rankings driven by website content, landing page offers, social posts and digital ads drove remarkable results in the company’s marketing strategy. Form submissions increased 120%, calls went up 160% and over three years, organic traffic grew 271%. Revenue has more than tripled since the inception of the ADTACK strategy.

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