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Let’s all be honest here: everyone and their second cousin’s aunt has a social media presence now. No matter what you do or how old you are, the social sphere is so much more than viral videos and #hashtags; it’s a communication tool. Just as the newspaper was once the revolutionary, go-to source for the happenings of the world around you, the online social media arena has made the world that much smaller.
Think about it: there are approx. 320 million Twitter users right now; 400 million on Instagram; and a whopping 1.59 billion on Facebook. At any given moment, you can communicate your message to the masses. Likewise, you can listen to what the masses are saying. It’s pretty powerful stuff. But with this stuff comes responsibility. Wielding your social media prowess is not to be trifled with – especially if you’re getting more social on behalf of your business brand!
Our advice? Take a look at our latest infographic “Stats for Social Media Savvy Businesses.
savvy social media marketing
Always, under any circumstance, know what you’re getting into! Your Tweets, Instagrams, Pins or page updates are going to take a little more thought than the posts of your average social media Joe (or Joanne!). As a brand, the only way you’re going to conquer your social game is by being strategic, precise and instinctive. #businessgoals
So let’s keep going and see how these stats could up your social game.
savvy social media marketing ideas
Since the beginning of time (well maybe just since the ice-age when the first caveman set up shop in his cave to barter with other Neanderthals for tools or clubs), retailers have been honing and perfecting their sales strategies. Brick and mortars in particular have faced the challenge head on in today’s digital era and have adapted accordingly. A stunning 91% proves this. They’ve gone digital.
The lesson: retail brands have followed their audience. Rather than fighting it, they’ve evolved. Knowing how, where and when your target market is in the digital land will help immensely in your own customer research. Don’t be among the less than 10% who snub the social sphere. You could be missing out on getting to know your audience.
smart social media for c level
Our c-level leaders, believe it or not, are also consumers themselves. They’re most likely getting their social on and listening to the brands they like on the web just as much as us normal folk.
For instance, before your CEO makes reservations at that new 5-star restaurant downtown, maybe she gets her Executive Assistant to hold the stretch limo and check up on the restaurant’s customer rating on Yelp first. Or perhaps your VP checks his flight status on Twitter before checking into his first-class seat.
No matter what your leadership is doing – and yes, I realize they’re not all typically as hoity-toity as I’ve painted them to be – the point is that they’re likely to be social listeners themselves! So if ever you have difficulty convincing them that your brand needs to boost your social media strategy, ask them to evaluate how often they leverage it as a consumer.
social media sells
Please refer to the first sentence of this blog post.
There is an incredible amount of people on major social media channels at any given time.
Look up at the dude sitting across from you right now. #butdontstare. Let’s say he’s looking at his smartphone. For all you know, he’s Tweeting about the sandwich he just ate from the deli around the corner. Or maybe he’s checking out reviews for a movie he wants to take his girlfriend to see this weekend. Perhaps he’s writing his own customer testimonial for the juicer he bought online.
Whatever he’s doing, the point is people are online getting social all the time. It’s convenient, fast and easy. To ignore the goings-on in the digital space would be a big mistake by your sales team.
social media marketing
Talk about socially awkward! #amirite
If you were the owner of a restaurant and – heaven forbid – your customer found a (insert something gross, weird or gooey here) in the salad you just served her, what would you do? Turn around, ignore her and move on to the next victim customer? Or would you apologize profusely and offer her a new (something gross, weird or gooey item)-less meal free of charge in the hopes that she tells her friends about the great service at your fine establishment?
I hope you chose the latter. Because THAT is how you treat an unhappy customer. You try to make it right.
The same goes for the social media realm. You listen to the good, the bad and the extremely ugly. Even if it hurts. And then you respond and adjust accordingly. It’s growth.
Never be the company who ignores the faulty salad. No one wants that.
amazing social media marketing
Customer retention is that all-coveted, glorious prize that all businesses aim to achieve. There’s nothing better than customer loyalty.
A key way to get here though, is to leverage social media the right way. Using social media to engage your customers is going to be your best way to humanize your brand while building authority in your specific industry. In other words, you’re building trust. Slowly, but surely, this is a strategy that will keep ‘em coming to you for your goods and services.
That’s all we’ve got for this edition of our monthly infographic, but be sure to check back next month to see what we come up with for June. Here’s the full infographic, for your sharing pleasure:

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