Meet Our Fearless Leaders

These are the masterminds of the WSI brand. They define our company culture and lead by example.

Doug Schust, President

doug-schustAs President, Doug is focused on the growth and profitability of WSI’s customers, franchisees and partners within the eMarketplace. Ably positioned at the helm, Doug has built a team that embraces the concept of strong relationships in all their interactions within the WSI global community.

Prior to becoming President of WSI, Doug was the longest standing and highest revenue producing WSI Consultant. Having been a WSI franchisee since 1995, Doug brings more than 16 years of experience in the Internet marketing industry and over 30 years of total marketing experience to the WSI franchise system. As a driving force for the WSI brand and a leading authority within the network, Doug has an intimate understanding of both the challenges and, most importantly, the tremendous opportunity that exists in the marketplace for WSI franchisees, suppliers and partner alliances.

Mark Dobson, Co-Founder and VP Franchise Development

mark-dobsonMark Dobson has been with WSI since our inception in 1995. He has an extensive background in business development in several industries dating back to the early seventies. His knowledge of the development of human potential and the understanding of behavioral patterns has been instrumental in developing the unique screening and selection process utilized by the WSI franchise team. Mark also brings his many years of franchising experience to the WSI network ensuring only the highest quality of franchise applicants are awarded the WSI franchise. Using his prior experience as an entrepreneur, Mark has been a driving force behind the success of WSI.

Valerie Brown-Dufour, Executive VP of Global Operations

valerie-brown-dufourAs Executive Vice President of Global Operations, Valerie is responsible for providing support and education to the WSI global franchise system. She is also charged with managing the innovation of the WSI business model as a whole. Overall, Valerie works to ensure WSI Consultants are provided with the tools, systems and support they need to remain top amongst their competitors.

Valerie first joined WSI in 1999 and has served in a number of roles. Prior to this, she ran her own business and worked overseas in a number of countries. Valerie holds a Master degree from the University of Toronto.

Shaunak Dave, VP Information Technology

shaunak-daveShaunak began serving as WSI's Vice President of Information Technology in April, 2011. Previous to this, he was the Director of Information Technology having joined the company in June of 2009.

Shaunak has over 16 years of experience in the areas of telecommunications, information technology, cloud computing, enterprise applications and education. Shaunak specializes in the areas of strategic initiatives, automation and optimization of IT environments both from an infrastructure and enterprise applications perspective.

Justin Jones, VP of Professional Services

justin-jonesJustin is a disruptive innovator at heart, having successfully built and led multiple business units within global corporations; he is at his happiest and most effective when re-imagining businesses and the digital services they deliver.

With over 15 years in the Internet industry and degrees in both Psychology and Marketing, Justin brings an exciting combination of innovation, experience and leadership to WSI Professional Services.

Professional Services is a new division within WSI specifically established to support the unique digital marketing needs of multinational corporations. With offices in over 80 countries, a lean infrastructure, and the best of breed technologies, WSI Professional Services is strategically structured to help multinationals dominate markets through high-impact, innovative digital marketing and technology services.


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