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Marketing for Manufacturers, Equipment, and Engineering Firms

WSI Marketing Plans for Manufacturers, Equipment and Engineering firms include targeted campaigns to deliver online leads when prospects are looking for you. Precise geographic targeting and seasonal strategies will get you connected to buyers, engineers and managers seeking your unique services. We make the phone ring to fill your lines.

The WSI marketing team has helped dozens of manufacturers and tech companies grow leads and build their companies with a variety of these tactics:

Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords
Content Writing

Website Development

Social Media


Lead Nurturing

Take a look at a few of our case studies to get a better idea of what our results look like:

EMS Contract Manufacturer

A small Silicon Valley PCB assembly house allowed us to start with a limited marketing budget to help them generate leads, but they had little digital presence and a very dated website. They needed to increase leads to keep busy and generating new leads. See how we increased their search traffic and Google visibility by more than 50% in just the first year.

Equipment Manufacturer

Our client designs and builds state of the art equipment used for automated assembly processes in a mature and highly competitive market.  The competitors are well known and fierce. Our plan started with an updated, easy to use website, with search engine friendly content, blogs and highly targeted ads.   See how we increased their organic website traffic by 48% and helped to more than double their business.

Environmental Engineering

Our client had an antiquated website that was difficult to make changes with & was not optimized for developing new clients on Google. Their collection of images of their work was spectacular but they asked us to find a way to have more people see their work & ask them for quotes. See how we increased their Google search visibility by 108%.

Manufacturing Categories Include

Electronic manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, distributors, engineering and consulting firms, environmental engineering, plastic and material manufacturing, home building, construction and more.

About WSI Net Advantage

WSI will develop a specialized Internet Business Strategy for each client, generating results in the form of a measurable return on investment. Utilizing the proprietary Internet Business Analysis, WSI will identify and understand its client’s short- and long-term business needs. Employing WSI’s team of developers and their state-of-the-art worldwide production centers, WSI will transform those needs into cost effective Internet Solutions.
WSI is an Internet Marketing and Consulting firm specializing in:

  • Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Placement
  • Online Advertising, Remarketing
  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile Website Development and Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Tools like Email, Directories, Blogs, and More
  • Competitive Analysis and Marketing Reviews