Environmental Engineering | Case Study

Analysis & Remediation

Our client, California-based environmental engineering firm, had planned on starting a content marketing program internally but never got it off the ground. Their unique analytical and pollution re- mediation services are needed around the globe but their website had too little content and not enough focus.

We met them early-on and tried to guide their content creation, but they soon realized their website needed a revamp to really show the work they can provide their clients. As well, within our early dis- cussions they realized we could help them create relevant, quality content that could be used for search engines, social media, and even marketing materials.


We started by redesigning their website so it amplified their industry knowledge with compelling images, deep navigation for quickly finding information, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help the content be found online.

By organizing their business with specific verticals and target cli- ents, we worked with management to outline and create addition- al blog content that augmented their service pages knowledge statements with real examples of their work and problems their company could resolve.


Due to the weak initial website, it took Google a little while to accept the new site and our changes by updating their directory for our desired keywords. However, within a few short months, with us adding a couple of new blogs or pages each month, the investment started paying off. The resulting growth in the site opened management’s eyes with the pos- sibility of new services being promoted with new content.


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