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Why Plan Your Drainage Maintenance in Late Summer?

Prepare Your Landscape for the Cooler Months Late summer or early fall is the ideal time to book your drainage maintenance service appointment. This critical landscaping to-do is most important heading into the fall and winter months. As the weather turns cooler, the rains usually come and can flood your walkways and landscapes or wash…

Seasonal Irrigation Maintenance

SEASONAL IRRIGATION MAINTENANCE FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE LEARN WHY MID-SEASON TUNE UPS ARE IMPORTANT Summer can be particularly stressful for the turf, plants and trees on your commercial property. Extreme heat, humidity or other climatic variations during this time may take a toll on the appearance of the landscape and thereby, the value of your…

Is Your Irrigation System Up to Date? Maybe it’s Time for an Irrigation Renovation

Water is the most important natural resource we have and its important that your irrigation system isn’t wasting a drop. Because of seasonal drought conditions in the Bay Area, Gachina Landscape Management experts are focused on upgrading your irrigation systems to help you maximize water savings while minimizing water usage. By ensuring that your irrigation systems are…

Grass Types for Low Water Landscaping

BE SMART, GO GREEN WITH YOUR SAN JOSE AREA COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Water-efficient grass and ground cover are becoming popular options for lawns in the drought-prone state of California. Besides saving water, there are several additional benefits. Your property will enjoy year-round curb appeal with minimal maintenance efforts and lower cost. Our team of experts at…


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