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Grass Types for Low Water Landscaping


Water-efficient grass and ground cover are becoming popular options for lawns in the drought-prone state of California. Besides saving water, there are several additional benefits. Your property will enjoy year-round curb appeal with minimal maintenance efforts and lower cost. Our team of experts at Petalon shares their top 5 grass types for low water landscaping in the San Jose area.


  1. Buffalo Grass: Being a warm-season grass, it thrives during the hottest times of the year with very little irrigation (1/4 to ½ inch of water per week). Some variants of this grass may save up to 75 percent of the water used to maintain traditional grass. The growth is relatively slow, which reduces maintenance requirements such as mowing, trimming and fertilizing.
  2. Blue Grama: Another attractive warm-season lawn alternative, Blue Grama does well in sandy soil. Requiring minimal watering (also 1/4 to ½ inch per week) once established, it is drought-tolerant and ideal for water-wise landscapes. It is often mixed with Buffalo Grass for lawn areas but can also be used by itself and as a border for rock gardens.
  3. Sheep Fescue: Although it is a cool-season grass, Sheep Fescue tolerates extreme temperatures quite well. Densely tufted and low growing, the fine blue-green (or grey-green) leaves will give your landscape a textured look. Also water-efficient and slow growing, it can thrive without supplemental irrigation.
  4. White Clover: A popular option for drought-prone areas, White Clover offers an attractive, low-maintenance ground cover for your business premises. It stays green all summer with little or no watering and attracts beneficial insects which pollinate your garden. It requires no fertilization (in fact, fertilizers will damage it) and minimal mowing to keep it tidy. In addition to having a mildly pleasant smell, it has a soft, lush and cool feel.
  5. Yarrow: Deep-rooted, drought-resistant Yarrow spreads rather quickly, offering a bright green ground cover for arid climates. Tougher than grass, it is extremely tolerant of high traffic. It thrives in most areas of California requiring no irrigation or fertilization and very little mowing once established.

Count on our drought-tolerant landscaping solutions to make your business stand out. When combined with our water-wise irrigation systems, you will receive significant maintenance cost savings.
Let us help you maintain curb appeal in every season with our weekly gardening programs. Our customers enjoy not only a great quality landscape, but also an opportunity to be part of a “green” lifestyle that is gentle on the environment.
Commercial property owners and managers across the San Jose area, including in Mountain View, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Morgan Hill and Menlo Park depend on our sustainable landscape management services.
Contact us online for a quote or call 408-453-3998 to ask us more about grass types for low water landscaping in the San Jose area.
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