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How Your LinkedIn Profile Should Look in 2019

How Your LinkedIn Profile Should Look in 2019 Your LinkedIn profile should be a living, breathing snapshot of your professional life. If you’re treating it like a stale resume, then you’re using the platform wrong. It’s 2019 – and your LinkedIn profile should look like it! Lucky for you, we’ve researched the best LinkedIn profiles…

7 Effective Tips for Developing a Quality LinkedIn Profile

7 Effective Tips for Developing a Quality LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn is a valuable resource for people looking for a job or expanding their professional network. To position yourself to be in the right searches, you must utilize your LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, you won’t be taking full advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer. How…

5 Signs That You’ve Mastered LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social network that allows you to connect with all types of individuals: colleagues, customers, other businesses and more. While just about any business can benefit from having a presence on the professional network, it’s imperative that you’re there if you sell your product or service to other businesses. Even though LinkedIn…

Fine Tune Your LinkedIn Profile to Increase Connections

One of the primary goals of having a LinkedIn account is to grow your connections. Your connections will in turn be supporters of your brand and perhaps even customers one day. LinkedIn is a bit drier compared to other social networks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an exciting, lively profile that encourages more…


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