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DIY vs Hiring an SEO Agency

DIY vs Hiring an SEO Agency

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When starting a business, it’s common for owners to want to take everything on by themselves. Money may be tight, so they read up on SEO, PPC, social media and other online marketing efforts. Yet as their business starts to grow, they find it more challenging to manage all of these channels efficiently.
Additionally, with the constant changes that are being made to Google algorithms, social media platforms, online ads, etc., it’s almost impossible to follow the latest trends. The question that comes to mind at this point is whether or not to work with an outside agency.
At WSI Net Advantage, we understand that many business owners are emotionally and financially invested in their companies. They are trying to do what’s best while maximizing their bottom line, improving their reputation and growing their customer base.
That’s what we’re for: We can help manage your business so that you can focus on the other details. And if you ever find that you want to pursue other goals in life, you can sell your business.

So what are some of the benefits to hiring a company like ours to manage your online needs?

  • Expertise: The search engines are complex and secretive about how they rank websites. Google admits that it uses over 200 signals to rank websites, and it’s impossible to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. When you hire an agency to manage your site’s effectiveness, you get much closer to the desired result. Our experts study these algorithms carefully and know what needs to be done to get your site ranking well.
  • Time: Add up all the time you spend each week on managing social media, your company blog, site analytics, PPC ads and SEO. Now imagine what you could do with this time! An SEO agency can take on as much as you want it to. The time that you gain is invaluable and can be used to spend with customers, develop new products or even on start a new business.
  • Customer Service: One of the remarkable benefits to online marketing and SEO is that it reaches the customer throughout the various stages of the buying funnel. Imagine being able to stay with your customer, answer questions and encourage a sale without having to physically be there. You can also learn a lot about your customers, what services they’re looking for and common questions they have.
  • More Money: Sure, it’s not free or even cheap to outsource your online marketing, but the money you make will offset this cost pretty quickly. By hiring an SEO agency, you maximize your marketing channels, generate new leads, make more sales and increase your bottom line. If you try to juggle this on your own, you’re limiting your potential – and your cash flow.

For more information about hiring an agency for SEO, PPC, social media and other online needs, contact WSI Net Advantage at 510-687-9737.

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