Creative Ways to Visually Recycle Your Content

Once you have a piece of content created, you don’t want it to fall into the depths of the online ocean. Maybe you worked hard to gather specific research, or perhaps you interviewed an industry expert. It’s possible that you took your own poll to provide the article with substance, or maybe your design team worked hard to create killer graphics. Whatever the case, one piece of content has the magic of generating widespread visibility for your company. Repurposing the content to get more of this is not just resourceful, it’s effective.


Let’s take a look at some creative ways that you can visually recycle your content so that it looks fresh.


List posts and tutorials = Infographics


List posts are popular formats because readers can digest information in simple steps. The same goes for tutorials; people love the easy step-by-step nature on how to do something. Look for content that follows these formats and use it to create an infographic. Keep the text short, update it with new facts and add simple graphics for a fresh piece of shareable content.


DIY instructions and slide decks = Slideshare presentations


Do you have any content that comes in the form of DIY instructions? Turn it into an informative Slideshare presentation that can be used at your next business meeting or trade show. Readers have an easier time grasping information when it’s presented on individual slides. Share the presentation on social media or in your next newsletter for added visibility.


Blog post series = Ebooks


If you have a series of blog posts that flow together or tell a story, why not piece them together and create an ebook? Allow people to download the ebook in exchange for an email address. This way, you can grow your subscriber list while giving readers something valuable in return.


Step-by-step tutorials = Videos


Step-by-step tutorials make great blog posts, but they can make even better videos. Not only do people get to absorb information in an easy step-by-step manner, but also a video can clearly display how to carry out each step. This is much easier than trying to read through steps with words or pictures alone. If you do choose to make a video on YouTube, embed it into a blog post so that you can benefit from increased SEO.


Blog posts = Webinars


If you want to add another layer to your content, use it to host a webinar. Between Google+, Blab and Periscope, there are plenty of places to host a webinar and connect with like-minded individuals. People benefit from seeing faces and engaging with others in real time, so you can certainly bring your brand to life just by hosting a few webinars from time to time.


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