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Do Wood Finish Garage Doors Need Maintenance?

Beautiful and long-lasting wood garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners in the Bay Area. Usually made of cedar, oak or redwood, they add an element of luxury and suit all types of architecture, from Victorian to craftsman, contemporary, and modern. Decorative window inserts and stylish hardware further enhance your property’s curb appeal. A common question many homeowners have is whether these wood finish garage doors require maintenance.
While wood is one of the most attractive and durable garage door materials, it does require some care, especially if your home is near or on the ocean. Salt spray and damp coastal air is particularly damaging to the finish on your wooden garage doors. Our knowledgeable team shares a few useful tips to help you.

Wood Garage Door Maintenance Tips

  • Choose a durable, weather-resistant finish: Your garage door battles the elements 24/7. A penetrating protective finish not only reduces damage from the sun, wind and rain but helps maintain the overall look of your door. Some finishes are also scratch resistant.
  • Reapply the protective coat every few years: Over time, exposure will cause the protective finish to wear off. Reapply the finish on both sides of the door after a few years. Remember to clean your garage door first, removing debris and loose dirt with mild soapy water. Let it dry completely before reapplying the finish.
  • Clean your garage door: Cleaning your wood garage door is simple. Gently brush off any loose dirt and wipe down the door with a solution of mild detergent and water. While we recommend doing this at least once a year, it may be necessary to clean more frequently if stormy weather or construction in the area are causing dirt and stains on the door’s surface.
  • Inspect your garage door for damage: Daily use can result in scratches and dents that are easily fixed when detected early. If there are deep cracks, consider replacing the damaged panels. This will protect the structural integrity and avoid the cost of replacing your garage door. 

Quality Wood Garage Doors from a Trusted Bay Area Company

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