Why Remarketing is More Than Making a Sale

The online world is particularly loud and noisy, and because of that, consumers have no choice but to filter out the information that is irrelevant to them. The ability for the human brain to do this is actually a good thing because an overload of information would make the Internet unenjoyable. But from a marketing sense, you have to work a bit harder to break through these filters and reach new customers that you can actually help.

How Remarketing Works

Many people think that remarketing is simply displaying ads from the places you most recently visited. Say for instance you were searching for a new stainless steel toaster. It’s the first time you’ve looked for a toaster, and afterward, you start seeing ads for toasters from various brands and stores. Because you are in the market for a new toaster, these ads become relevant and your mind doesn’t skip over them.


The above example is remarketing in its simplest form, but it’s actually so much more than that. Why? Well, just because you search for stainless steel toasters doesn’t mean you’re prepared to buy one at that moment. Maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone, or you’re considering buying one when your current one dies out. That could be months from now.

It’s also possible that you already bought the toaster. Ads may seem irrelevant considering you’ve made your purchase, but what happens if your new toaster breaks down? Or what if you’re unhappy with the service and return the appliance? It’s nice to be familiar with some other brands that sell similar products.

Building a Relationship

The purpose of retargeted ads is not simply to get someone to make a purchase. These ads are designed to stand out to people who find the company’s services or products relevant, building a relationship over time. Consider that only 2% of people convert on the first time they visit a website. Some may return, some may not. But it’s very important that you stand in front of this other 98%.

Also, think about some of your most loyal customers. Did they walk into your store or purchase an online product and immediately become a brand evangelist? Probably not. It likely took many conversations, consistent influence and smart incentives to get them to feel strongly about your brand.

The next time you launch a retargeted ad, keep in mind that your goals are much more than completing a sale. You want the opportunity to build a strong base of loyal fans that believe in what you do, find your products to be relevant and will consider you for their next purchase.


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