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Why Choose Gasoline Box Trucks vs. Diesel?

Commercial businesses and their drivers are going wild for Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s new gasoline-powered box trucks. What’s all the hubbub about? There are many reasons why today’s businesses are choosing gasoline box trucks over diesel.

Lower Purchase Price

Gasoline-powered box trucks cost less than diesel models from point-of-purchase, making them a top-choice for cost-conscious entrepreneurs.

Service for Gas-Powered Vehicles is Easier to Find

Widely used in passenger vehicles, service and maintenance for gasoline vehicles is far easier to find. Fuso’s new gasoline box truck line makes these tasks especially easy, featuring a cab-over-engine design that allows for easy engine access.

Maintenance Costs for Gas Vehicles Are Lower

Gas-powered trucks generally incur lower maintenance costs than diesel over the life of the vehicle. Research indicates this is due to several factors related to the complexity of diesel models, including emissions system maintenance, engine and turbo parts and maintenance, and maintenance frequency.

Emissions Technology is Less Complex on Gas-Powered Vehicles

As environmental regulations have evolved, emissions-control technology on diesel vehicles has grown increasingly complex, adding to maintenance headaches and increasing vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

Gas Reduces Operating Expenses and is Readily Available

Gas is cheaper and far easier to obtain than diesel. In addition to the obvious incentive of lower fuel costs, a preponderance of gasoline fueling stations reduces the stress and time of route preplanning, preventing delays due to diesel scarcity.

Lighter Design Maximizes Profitability

Diesel engine box trucks are significantly heavier than gasoline models, containing many specialized parts. Unless you’re regularly making extremely long hauls of heavy goods, the added weight of a diesel design is unnecessary. With a lighter, nimbler gasoline-powered truck, you can carry the same payload and maximize profits, spending less on fuel and maintenance.

Gas-Powered Vehicles Are Familiar

Commercial operations, drivers, and service technicians are more familiar with the many facets of gasoline-powered vehicles, from operation and fueling to service. With gasoline-powered box trucks, operation is instinctive, fuel easier to find, and service and maintenance easier and less expensive to obtain. 

Why choose gasoline box trucks vs. diesel? Uncover the advantages of Fuso’s new gasoline box truck line at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. Contact us at 408-263-7300 to schedule a test drive today.

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