Who Does A/B Testing? Lots of Companies

I am often asked “Who does A/B testing?  Can you give me an example?”  Well, sometimes it’s just not enough to say, “I do” or “We do it for some clients”.

A/B Testing for email marketing

Why do A/B testing for emails?   You may not hit the nail on the head with your first Subject line.  Maybe the text at the top of email doesn’t encourage people to open your emails.

A/B testing can be performed on lots of components of your email marketing…it is important to make smaller changes to be able to recognize exactly which change made the difference!

This week, I received two great examples in the same day!  I thought I would share.

  1.  GoPro (www.GoPro.com) – the Bay Area manufacturer of action cameras and accessories who revolutionized the industry of fantastic surf, ski, and motorcycle footage.  I received two emails from them within minutes of each other.  I have two email addresses with them for some reason…  Anyway, I noted two different subject lines!  And two different top text as well as feature text above the exact same images.

I guess it depends if you are shopping…or if you are cold.

GoPro AB Testing 1

Give a Bundle!


GoPro AB Testing 2

Bundle Up!


A/B testing for eCommerce

Why should you perform A/B testing for your eCommmerce site?  What product images can make your customers buy more?  Do images of people really make a difference vs. products?  Can placement of products make a difference?  What about quantity of text, type of superlatives used?

And if you don’t test, how do you know??

2.  From Adore Me (www.adoreme.com), an online lingerie company, they shared their secrets in finding the best model that moves bathing suits and underwear off their shelves with Fast Company .

AB Testing for eCommerce

In Adore Me’s case, they subject all of their images to testing every month, going as far as to test one hand position against another, and in doing so has collected a trove of intelligence on what creates more clicks and more conversions…and what doesn’t.

Hand on hip, a popular pose among Instagrammers trying to make their arms look skinny, doesn’t resonate nearly as well as a hand on the head, for example. (That slight change can double sales, according to internal research.)

Adore Me certainly isn’t the only online clothing retailer that uses A/B testing to optimize product display on its website.  Netflix A/B tested its queue design to maximize bing watching; Google A/B tested the color of its AdWords links to maximize clicks; President Obama’s campaign A/B tested its website to maximize campaign donations.

So who uses A/B testing?  Smart marketers and smart ecommerce companies.  It takes time, energy and budget, but it is one more piece in working to improve your company’s ROI.


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