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Where Do Our Students Come From?

Alsion Montessori is a private school located in Fremont, California. We cover grades 7-9 in our middle school and our students usually join us in 7th grade. We are proud to employ the Montessori method of instruction, which focuses on the holistic development of our students. This means that we put emphasis on all aspects of your child’s growth, including intellectual, social and emotional.

We believe in creating experiences for you child, which means we don’t want our students sitting at a desk all day. We want them out in the world, getting a chance to have real, hands-on experiences with what they are learning. Our school also boasts a 10:1 ratio of students to teachers. This is to ensure that your child is getting one-on-one time with our teachers, which is a crucial step in helping teachers identify any problem areas for your student.

We have students from multiple Bay Area cities

Though our middle school is situated in the city of Fremont, it isn’t the only city that we serve. Our students may come from families that live in Hayward, Milpitas, Pleasanton and Fremont. Many of these are commuter families that drop off at Alsion before taking the busy I-680, I-880, or Mission Boulevard south to work in San Jose, Mountainview, or Santa Clara, or north to work in Newark or Union City.

Our convenient location near these highways makes it easy for our students to get to us. Though traffic can get backed up, the city of Fremont has recently taken steps to reduce traffic congestion on Mission Boulevard, which will improve commute times for many of our students and their families.

Your child will love Alsion

Students come to Alsion Montessori Middle School because they are looking for an educational experience that will push them outside their comfort zone and develop them into responsible young adults.

Enrolling your child at Alsion Montessori gives them a chance to experience a holistic education that will help them grow into a strong community leader. It doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t live in Fremont, our students come from all over the Bay Area. If you are looking for middle school education that goes above and beyond, give us a call at 510-445-1127, or click here to visit our website to set up an appointment or a campus tour.

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