What’s a Landing Page and Do I Need One?

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First off, a landing page is an optimized Web page intended for the solitary purpose of getting a website visitor to act in some way, whether it’s to buy your products, subscribe to a newsletter, become a member of your site, etc. TripWire Magazine stated recently that landing pages are vital to businesses who want to sell products or services online. Assuming this is true, your website does need a landing page. So where do you start?

Before you create your first landing page, determine what type of action you want your website visitors to take. Deciding on the desired action in advance will help you select the content for the page and determine what components will create the right kind of page to meet your needs. A landing page is not designed to supply every answer to every question your visitor has about your business. It is designed, instead, to persuade her to do one thing—whatever that one thing may be.

Do you want to persuade your visitor to…

  • buy your products?
  • join your membership site?
  • subscribe to a newsletter?
  • try out a software program?
  • fill out a survey?

Then you’ll need to build your page around that specific action.

For example, if you want visitors to join your membership site, design your page around the benefits of joining, what they get when they join, and why they would want to. Optimize your page for that specific action, then monitor your results. Are your conversion rates at 15% or better? If not, fine-tune the page and try again.

Creating and implementing effective landing pages isn’t a one-time strategy. It’s a task you must continue to tweak until you achieve the highest conversion rates possible, getting the most people to do what you desire them to do.

If a landing page isn’t getting good results, change it. Take another approach, then track your results. Are they any better, or are they now worse? As with any form of SEO, this will be a continuing process that will help you build a successful business online.

If you own a website that sells products online, you need a landing page. It can increase memberships, subscriptions, sales and more. Learn to use landing pages effectively, monitor the results, and your conversion rates will improve dramatically.



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