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What to Look For In Printing and Design Companies

For businesses seeking a skillful marketing partner to help generate leads, it’s important to know what to look for in printing and design companies.
The Pacific Color Graphics team, which has developed marketing materials and overall strategies for clients such as FedEx, Kinko’s, the University of California-Berkeley, and the computer software company Nutanix, suggests looking for these qualities:

  • The ability to collaborate closely – a printing/design company must be able to focus on your needs and work with your staff. The team should also respond promptly to your questions or suggestions.
  • Creativity – research a print and design company’s past work for clues about their creativity. Do they use color, images and materials in innovative ways, or are their campaigns unimaginative and ineffective?
  • The ability to meet deadlines; businesses must move quickly in today’s competitive climate. A digital marketing partner that meets deadlines and can handle quick turnaround projects is one that helps your business to engage your target audience.
  • Flexibility – the internet and social media often obligates businesses to modify goals, policies, or products on short notice. An effective digital print partner is able to adapt quickly to changing situations, while still providing quality work.

We’re a Full-Service Digital Printing and Marketing Company

Pleasanton-based Pacific Color Graphics offers the digital printing and marketing solutions Silicon Valley businesses seek, including:

  • Packaging design and production. Many consumers make last-minute buying choices at the store – often while comparing packages on the shelf. A professionally produced package helps your brand stand apart from others.
  • Point-of-sale displays, banner signs, and vehicle wraps make long-lasting impressions on consumers. Their portability and relatively low cost make them popular marketing tools.
  • Direct mail is an effective method of collecting consumer information and generating in-store traffic at a modest cost.

Now that you know what to look for in printing and design companies, talk to a Pacific Color Graphics representative to learn more. Call 888-551-1482 today.
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