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What to Look for in a Private Middle School

What qualities should a private middle school offer?

At Alsion Montessori we want you to understand what to look for when researching private middle school options for your child. Your child deserves the best education possible and that means you need to understand what a private middle school can and should offer.

In the Bay area, Alsion dedicates itself to providing an education that stimulates and grows students both emotionally and academically. The right learning space is vital for middle school students in order to help them thrive. Our private middle school offers:

  • Smaller class sizes, and dedicated teachers able to learn about your student.
  • Hands on, experiential education that recognizes the importance of out-of-book exercises and learning.
  • An enthusiasm for parental participation.
  • Greater visibility for resources available, including post-school activities and furthering education.

It is important to know what to look for in a private middle school. All these components of our private middle school combine to give students a fulfilling education that focuses on creating well-rounded young adults.

What Makes Alsion Special?

Alsion Montessori Middle School is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your child. Because we focus on smaller class sizes, our teachers are available to work closely with students. We place a lot of importance on helping students grow their individualism and self-confidence, and one way we do this is by offering a variety of extracurricular activities such as a model U.N., a private garden to look after, and our annual World Savvy Challenge.

We love immersing our students in these hands-on experiences and that is why we also encourage them to get involved in community service projects and take them on week-long field trips that are designed to test students academically, creatively, and socially. Alsion Montessori is a unique and challenging middle school experience that your child will thrive on.

Alsion Offers A Superior Middle School Experience

If you are looking for a middle school in the Fremont area, Alsion Montessori is the right choice. We have all the qualities you’re looking for in a private middle school and will create a fulfilling experience for your child. Call us today at 510-445-1127 or click here to contact us online and learn more about Alsion Montessori Middle School.

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