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What to Include in Your Video Marketing Campaigns

What to Include in Your Video Marketing Campaigns

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Some have called 2015 “The Year of Video Marketing” because more businesses are finding resourceful ways to use videos to reach new customers. With all the noise on social media, videos have a way of standing out and providing consumers with information they can watch unfold rather than having to read through it. In less than 30 seconds, customers can get all the information they need to make a decision.
Thanks to developments in technology, it’s now faster, easier and less expensive to create a quality video for your brand. But before you jump to it, it’s important that you craft a strategy for your videos to maximize reach and meet your goals. Let’s take a look at a few things to include in your video marketing campaigns.
Publishing Schedule
Just as you can benefit from an editorial calendar for your written content, you can benefit from a publishing schedule for your video content. Think of your video marketing campaign as a series of videos. What story can you tell? Perhaps you can piece together multiple videos to show how to use your product. Whatever objective your videos have, space them out regularly and use them to lead up to an important event like the launching of a new product.
Videos Less than 15 Seconds
Vine videos are only 6 seconds long, and though this may seem too short to share anything valuable, it’s anything but. Short-form videos have the potential to go viral and can be easily shared on just about any social media channel. Rather than creating long videos, aim for short ones that viewers will be happy to watch in their news feeds.
Customer-Inspired Content
You can spend hours trying to come up with the right topics and content for your videos, or you can go with inspiration from your customers. Customer-generated content is better in many cases than content generated from your company because it shows passion from other customers. How do you encourage customers to participate? Launch a contest or offer them a reward. The videos will come rolling in.
Helpful Hints and Tips
To establish your business as an industry expert, give away helpful tips and tricks that your audience may not know about. This will feel like you’re giving away industry “secrets,” and these tips will make your customers’ lives easier. Tutorials are a great place for providing these hints, and they have the potential to be made into a series of videos. Check out to help you achieve these goals. This powerful video creation and editing tool can personalize videos so that they are less annoying and more valuable for customers.
Call to Action
Be sure to include a call to action in your videos. It sounds simple, but if you don’t tell viewers what you want them to do next, they’ll close out of the video and you won’t have anything to gain. A call to action can be anything: a promo code to use on a purchase, a form to fill out or an ebook to download.

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