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What Size Box Truck Do You Need?

Size Matters: Determining Box Truck Length

What size box truck do you need to meet your commercial business needs? From food delivery to contracting, the experts at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can help determine the ideal size commercial truck to meet your rental needs. 

Supersize Or Minimize?

It might seem trivial, but determining your ideal box truck rental size can prevent a host of headaches, including extra trips in a truck that is too small and inventory damage to items sliding around in an oversized vehicle. Choosing the wrong sized truck could result in added fuel costs as well, both from extra trips or the cost of operating a larger vehicle.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Box Truck

You will find trucks available for rental according to the length of the vehicle. The longer the vehicle, the more space.

  • Light-Duty Box Trucks (up to 16 ft)
    Opt for a light duty truck if you’re toting:
    • 1-3,000 lbs. of goods
    • 400-450 cu. ft. of inventory
    • 50 boxes or less
    • Less than 5 pieces of furniture
  • Medium-Duty Box Trucks (up to 22 ft)
    • 3,000-4,500 lbs. of goods
    • 650-850 cu. ft. of inventory
    • 100 boxes or less
    • Less than 10 pieces of furniture
  • Heavy-Duty Box Trucks (22-28ft+)
    • 4,500-6,500 lbs. of goods
    • 900-1,400 cu. ft. of inventory
    • 150 boxes or less
    • Less than 15 pieces of furniture

Cutting it Close?

As a rule, it is smart to opt for a slightly larger truck, as it’s better to have a little extra space than not enough, which can result in multiple trips and added expense. Larger vehicles also tend to have added convenience and accessibility features, such as liftgates and the option of side doors for easier loading and unloading of the goods you are hauling.

Are you having a hard time determining what size box truck you need? Contact the professionals at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso for help at 408-263-7300 today.

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