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What Makes an Eichler Home an “Eichler”?

Nearly 50 years after the architectural style came into being, modernist “Eichlers” continue to be in high demand among Silicon Valley homebuyers. The unmistakable design exemplifies the indoor-outdoor lifestyle afforded by California’s moderate coastal climate. These homes are remarkable for their clean lines, open spaces and plenty of light. If you are planning a remodel, it might help you to learn more about what makes an Eichler Home an “Eichler” before you discuss the project details with your home renovation company.

10 Characteristic Features of Silicon Valley Homes built by Joseph Eichler

Real estate developer Joseph Eichler created these masterpieces in the 1950s and 60s, celebrating the American dream. Using innovative construction techniques, he broke away from traditional post-war, cookie-cutter designs. Middle-class suburban families were delighted with these elegant, moderately-priced homes. Here are some of the characteristic Eichler features that garnered national and international acclaim. 

  1. Mid-century modern style with minimal ornamentation (blank street façade) that came to be known as “California modern”
  2. Constructed from locally sourced materials like redwood and mahogany
  3. Wood exteriors, entrances and paneling
  4. Widely spaced posts and beams
  5. Flat or low-sloped gabled roofs
  6. Functional layout with a blend of public and private spaces
  7. Atrium courtyard or foyer that straddles the indoors and outdoors and is typically lined with plants
  8. Interiors with floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that bring in unobstructed views of the outdoors and plenty of natural light
  9. Open concept kitchen, dining and living areas with glass or no partitions
  10. Built-in furnishings

Eichler Remodeling Experts Preserve Your Home’s Original Look

When you decide to update your Eichler home with the latest amenities and furnishings, you want to preserve its characteristic “California modern” style. As Eichler remodeling specialists, we know how to maintain the original vision and improve its functionality and comforts to match your current lifestyle. Whether you are interested in a more efficient floor plan, adding windows to brighten up the space, or installing a flush threshold, we are happy to work with your designer/architect to realize your vision. Give us the opportunity to transform the home you love into the home you’ll never want to leave. Our skills and customer service have earned us customers across Silicon Valley, including in Palo Alto, Los Altos, San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View and Sunnyvale, CA.
Call 408-269-1101 to learn more about what makes an Eichler home an “Eichler”. You can also contact us online to discuss your remodeling project.
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