What is Thought Leadership?

Thought Leadership

Many people believe “thought leadership” to be a buzzword, which is a shame considering that it has a lot of substance. In actuality, thought leadership is a type of content marketing that taps into the experience and passion of your business. It addresses common questions and concerns that your audience has, as well as unique perspectives on issues that are important to your readers.

Is Thought Leadership Right for Me?

Thought leadership is good for any business, but you have to do it right. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing readers because your insight is far-fetched or you don’t provide the answers that your audience is looking for. To be an effective thought leader, you must understand your audience, what types of things are important to them and how they like to consume their content.

How Should I Start with Thought Leadership?

The best way to begin is to pick a particular topic (based on what your audience is interested in) and then conduct deep research. The key is to dig up information and examples that no one else has.

You can find topics to explore by doing a simple Google search and identifying the types of questions your audience asks. When you have a list of content ideas, prioritize them and start with the most important ones.

You must also document the various challenges that your audience has and think about ways to resolve them. This does not mean that you discuss your product or service and how it can help your customers, as any type of selling at this point will turn people away. People want to know that you are invested in them as individuals and not just customers.

What Benefits Will I See?

Thought leadership offers a range of benefits, but don’t expect to see them overnight. Like all genuine relationships, it takes time to become a trusted thought leader. Nevertheless, you should start to see the following benefits take place.

  • Deeper relationships with customers
  • Present early in the customer journey
  • Improved communication
  • Boosted trust and loyalty
  • Competitive edge
  • Increased sales and profitability

Thought leadership is a very good thing. It means that people trust you and value your opinion. It means that you aren’t afraid to give your own perspective, even if it doesn’t match up with what others are saying. It means that you know a lot about a particular subject, much more than a simple Google search would turn up.

If you need help navigating thought leadership, WSI Net Advantage will be happy to help. Give us a call at 510-687-9737 or fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you shortly!

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