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What is the value of private education?

The debate over the value of public versus private education is one that has raged on for years and it will likely continue to do so. All parents want what’s best for their child, and the individual needs of children vary so much that it’s understandable that the merits of a private education, as opposed to a public one, are such a hot topic.

In the Bay Area, Alsion Montessori offers a holistic approach to education geared towards supporting your child as they grow to become a more responsible and self-assured young adult. We go above and beyond what a public education can offer and set your child up for a successful college experience.

Our private school offers top notch education

At Alsion, our teachers have the time to look out for your child. Thanks to small class sizes, teachers have plenty of opportunities for one on one interactions with students. We also offer a myriad of extracurricular activities that your child will love, including community gardening and a Model United Nations.

Many of these activities are not possible for the public education system, simply due to budget restrictions. Thanks to tuition fees, private schools don’t have this problem. The average cost of a year at private elementary school is $7,770, while high school costs around $13,030 per year, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics.

We understand that this investment in your child’s future can be expensive, so its important to consider multiple factors when making your decision, including:

  • Your personal income
  • The location of the school
  • The ease of transportation between home, work and school
  • Your child’s personality and approach to education

Every family and child has different needs and its important that enrolling in a private school is what’s best for everyone in your family.

Call Alsion today

For those who are curious about the value of a private education, Alsion Montessori is here to help. In the Fremont Area, we are your best choice in private middle and high school education!

Click here to visit our website or call 510-445-1127 and set up an appointment to tour the school and learn more about how we can provide an excellent education for your child.

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