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What is the Paint that Marks Road Lines Made Of?

It’s thick and shiny, what is the paint that marks road lines made of? At American Asphalt, our team frequently answers questions from customers curious about this unique paint formulation and what makes it so ideally suited for road surface markings.

What’s in Road Marking Paint?

The road marking paint we typically use at American Asphalt for ADA-compliant striping includes:

  • Synthetic resins
    Imparting thermoplasticity to our road paint, the synthetic resins we use help form a strong bond to asphalt surfaces and speed drying times.
  • Pigments
    The primary pigments we use at American Asphalt are white, made of titanium, zinc oxide, or lithopone; and yellow, typically created with heat-resistant yellow lead.
  • Glass beads
    The addition of glass beads to our paint blends make it easier to see striping at night, reflecting light and improving the brightness of the paint. 
  • Packing materials
    The filler we add to road marking paint help striping and markings stand up to the daily mechanical abuse of cars, pedestrians, and weather, remaining clear and bright.
  • Additives
    We also include additives to increase the plasticity and durability of the paint, making it more resistant to fading, breakdown, and infiltration by environmental pollutants.

Paint Application

Once mixed, we load our paints into our road marking machines, where a hot melt kettle keeps the paint molten, preserving paint quality for road line marking work. Carefully screed or sprayed onto your asphalt surface, it forms a tough, durable coating that dries quickly, returning your now pristine parking lots and roadways quickly to use. 

Is your parking lot paint looking a little rough around the edges? Freshen up your road surface markings with fresh, new paint. Contact American Asphalt at 800-541-5559 today.

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