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What are the Advantages of Cabover Box Trucks?

Are you considering adding a cabover truck to your fleet? Understanding the advantages of cabover box trucks can help you make an informed decision. These trucks are best known for their flat faces and ability to maneuver in tight spaces, but there is more to appreciate than what meets the eye.
Let’s learn more about what a cabover truck is, the benefits to expect and which industries have the most to gain.

What Is A Cabover Truck?

A cabover truck, also known as a cab over engine (COE), is a truck design that features a flat front, with the cab of the truck sitting above the front axle. This is unique compared to a conventional truck design where the engine is mounted in front of the driver.
The classic cabover design is most popular in Europe and Asia, where space is at a premium, though it can be found here in the U.S. at dealerships like Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso. In fact, these flat-nosed trucks are gaining popularity in certain parts of the U.S. because of their ability to drive through busy residential areas.

What Are The Benefits Of Cabovers?

When choosing between conventional and cabover trucks, fleet managers have a few factors to consider. Here are the main advantages of cabover box trucks compared to conventional trucks.

  • Better maneuverability. The primary reason for choosing a cabover truck is its maneuverability. Cabover trucks can turn in a tight radius, making them a good fit for residential neighborhoods, narrow driveways and no-curb parking lots. At the same time, they offer the power and operations of a conventional cab.
  • Excellent visibility. In a cabover box truck design, the driver is sitting over the engine and closer to the windshield, giving them improved visibility. This design makes cabover box trucks safer, too. When working in tight spaces, drivers can see directly in front of them.
  • Easy maintenance. From a maintenance perspective, a cabover box truck is easier to care for. It’s easy to get under the hood to look at the engine and make necessary repairs. This reduces time and expense, though fleet managers will need to work with a repair shop that stocks cabover truck parts.

As you can see, cabover trucks are unique and best used in areas where space is limited, such as busy cities and narrow driveways. This makes them a top choice for landscaping businesses, pest control companies and many others.
If your fleet could benefit from a cabover box truckcontact a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso professional today at 408-263-7300.
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