Your website is one critical part of your Internet Marketing Strategy. You can spend lots of money and time working hard to generate traffic to your site, but if the site does not meet your visitors’ expectations, your customer opportunities are lost.

Consider this:

  • A website visitor starts to make their first impression of your site within 1/2 a second
  • The next 8 seconds are spent deciding if they trust you
  • The next 15 seconds (if you pass the first 8.5 seconds) are spent deciding if they’ll consider contacting or buying from you

Also consider:

  • Less than half of your visitors scroll down any page
  • Many people like to buy locally…where’s your address information?
  • Each button forces a decision on your visitor…where’s your phone number?
Website Development is More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Most graphic artists don’t understand the first thing about search engines or website visitor tendancies. They tend to be very talented with colors, images, generating emotions. That’s why you still see so many websites that are heavy with flash (oooh that looks cool), or includes all of thier content in images that search engines cannot read, or is filled with fancy navigation that forces the visitor to decide…to stay or leave!

We work with talented graphic artists who will make your website look great. Some of our design packages include multiple drafts so you can get just the design you are looking for.

Before we start, you’ll help us by working to understand your online goals, what you expect from your site, and what your prospects expect. Then we’ll discuss sites you like and don’t like. We want you to like your site too!

Then, there’s content, images, forms, newsletters, blogs, forums, photo galleries, shopping carts and more.

Websites Developed Across All Industries

Take a look at the other sites we have developed. Our experienced website designers work across all industries to bring you the best ideas, and not make yours look like everyone else’s!

  • Lawyers Websites
  • Landscaping and Arborists Websites
  • Sliding Doors Websites
  • Travel and Destinations Websites
  • High Tech Websites
  • International Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Professional Services Websites

To discuss a traffic (and profit!) generating website development program for your company, Contact WSI Net Advantage today.


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