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WeatherTRAK Irrigation Management and Controls

If Gachina Landscape Management is upgrading your irrigation system, chances are you’ll become familiar with WeatherTRAK products.
WeatherTRAK is the signature line of products from Hydropoint, a leader in irrigation technology. Gachina wants the best for its clients, and the WeatherTRAK brand, which has a reputation throughout the irrigation industry for quality, is one of the products we install most often.
WeatherTRAK products use the latest technology to promote efficient use of water. Precision irrigation greatly improves the appearance of a landscape. When trees, shrubs, plants and flowers are healthy and thriving, our clients know their system is functioning at a high level.
Installation of WeatherTRAK products is a perfect fit for Gachina’s commercial clients who are seeking to upgrade their irrigation systems. WeatherTRAK is compatible with the equipment of other manufacturers and handles the biggest jobs, accommodating up to 96 stations.

WeatherTRAK Irrigation Products

  • WeatherTRAK Central allows a user to monitor irrigation system performance via the internet, on any device. System programming is simple with this cloud-based software.
  • Smart controllers such as the Pro3, Pro3 two-wire, and WeatherTRAK LC measure variables such as sun exposure, temperature, slope and type of plants, then adjust irrigation accordingly. A major benefit of smart controllers: they can be operated remotely from a mobile device.

WeatherTRAK’s Two-Wire Solution

Gachina Landscape Management clients benefit from WeatherTRAK’s two-wire system, an innovation that has gained popularity in the last several years.
In a conventionally wired irrigation system, separate wires run from the controller to each valve. In a two-wire system, a couple of wires originate at the controller, and then run to a decoder at the first valve only. The same two wires then connect the remaining valves. 
Because it involves much less wire, two-wire WeatherTRAK installation can be completed faster and at lower cost than a conventionally wired system. Savings on trenching or rewiring can be substantial.
Call 866-571-1758 today to learn more about expert WeatherTRAK irrigation system installation and management for your commercial, HOA or larger property in the Bay Area.
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