How to Use Instagram for Your Business

Setting up a profile for your business on Instagram is fairly straightforward. Simply sign up for an account (preferably using the same name as your Twitter handle or Facebook page), add a profile picture and add a link to your website. You can even connect your Instagram account to other social networks so that people know they can find you on Instagram, too. It’s what to do next that often has brands unsure.

Balance Your Photos

Think of Instagram as real estate for your best images and videos. You won’t know which images create the most interaction until you start posting them and tracking their engagement. Your photos should be a balance between fun things and your business. Those “fun” pictures will show your brand’s personality and remind followers that there are real people behind your business.

Generate a Following

The best way to generate a following, at least early on, is to connect Instagram with your other social media accounts. The people who already follow you on these social networks will be happy to follow you on Instagram, too. Once you attract this audience, however, you’ll want to build a following that is unique to Instagram.

One way to do this is by using hashtags. This gets your brand in conversations about certain topics so that people can more easily find you. You may also encourage people to follow you by being an active Instagram user yourself. Follow others, like their photos and comment on some of your favorite posts.

Have a Relaxed Posting Schedule

Facebook may have plenty to offer in terms of business advertising, but it can also be a pain to create a posting schedule that is competitive. As you already know, it’s difficult to see traffic from organic posts. But Instagram maintains a laidback news feed, which means you don’t have to post on Instagram every day. Otherwise, you might saturate your users’ feeds.

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Tell a Story

An easy way to get people engaged is by telling a story through your photos. Say you’re launching a new product. Each day for a week, you can unveil a feature of the product, keeping your followers guessing. When you tell a story, you can evoke emotion, initiate intrigue and cultivate a discussion.

Here are just a few ideas of images and videos you can post:

  • New product releases
  • Sneak peeks of products and services
  • A tour of your office
  • Employees at work
  • Fans using your product or service
  • Events you’re hosting or have hosted
  • Work in the community

This is just the beginning of how you can use Instagram for your business. It’s easy, fun and relatively relaxed compared to other social media channels. So get your Instagram on and enjoy a new community of unique followers!


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