Why Use a California PCB Assembly Company?

High Quality Solutions to Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Time

Consistent quality and better customer service from local companies have resulted in hundreds of manufacturers reshoring their PCB assembly services. With world class technology and lean processes, contract manufacturers like Power Design Services have closed the gap on pricing, which was the main reason for offshoring.

If you are based in California, working in the same time zone allows ongoing communications to keep you updated on your project through various stages of manufacturing and assembly.  Even companies outside of California can benefit as West Coast services run later, including flights for completed product, available for next day delivery on the East Coast.

Read on to learn why using a California PCB assembly company is a smart decision for your business.

  • Cost-effective solutions for small and mid-sized runs: Offshoring PCB assembly is not an economical option for small or medium size projects where the volume is insufficient to drive cost-efficiency. With automation and years of cross-vertical experience, Power Design Services offers competitive pricing and world-class quality.
  • Value-added PCB assembly: We aim to save time and money for our customers with turnkey solutions, from circuit board layout review to inventory management. Sourcing high quality, lower cost materials from a network of dependable suppliers ensures speed and efficiency throughout our production process. We avoid coordination and quality issues by handling everything in-house. Your team will have a single point of contact and receive clear communication at every stage of the project.
  • Highest levels of quality control: From PCB layout reviews and manufacturing feasibility assessments to stringent testing of every circuit board, we ensure optimum functionality before shipping your order. By identifying design-build issues in the early stages, our ISO-9000 and ITAR Certified services save you the additional cost of rework.
  • Quick turns in 24 hours: Our facility is only a few minutes away from Mineta San Jose International Airport. With quotes in 4 hours and expedited 24-hour delivery for time-sensitive projects, your business can depend on us for fast service. Manufacturers in Silicon Valley have the added advantage of a local pick-up and delivery service. No matter where your business is located, our nationwide service meets tight deadlines on time and within budget.
  • Customized PCB assembly solutions: As a leading circuit board assembly company, we adhere to the most stringent specifications and regulatory standards. Our customers include manufacturers of semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications, industrial equipment and medical device companies that rely on us to meet their quality requirements, production schedules and budgets.
  • Experience: Northern California has more than four decades of experience of electronic PCB assembly in aerospace, military, hybrids, microassembly and more to take advantage of!

Our modern facility is equipped with the latest circuit board assembly technology to handle your prototypes, quick turns, volume runs and PCB rework with speed, precision and cost-efficiency. Your business will gain the advantage of a 50% faster build time by using our services.

Request a quote for customized printed circuit board services. Call Power Design Services at 408-741-9417 to learn more about our California PCB assembly company.

Originally posted at: http://www.powerdesignservices.com/use-california-pcb-assembly-company/



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