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Tree Services

Our client, a Southern California area tree services company, has been in business for nearly 20 years with a team of tree experts. They had tried Google AdWords, but just felt like they had wasted their money as they did it on their own and could not determine measurable results. They knew they wanted better, relevant traffic to their site. They couldn’t find their site for basic area searches and were frustrated.


The client had a nice looking site, professional and many images showing work with brief outlines of their services. They had several certifications and accolades but did not know how to create more traffic.

Due to their experience with advertising, we initially reviewed the site for items we could improve to make it more Google-friend- ly. There are lots of searches made each day for the services this company provided but the site was getting pushed down in rank- ings due to weak content and poor SEO practices.

We worked with the client to make the pages more relevant and more complete as to each of their services. We localized the site for the cities and towns they were interested in generating business. Their call to action and phone number was pushed fur- ther up in the initial view, and a mobile site issue was fixed, improving visibility for about 25% of their traffic.


In a short amount of time, Google rankings for the most important keywords and locations started to improve… dramatically. With improved rankings for more and more keywords, calls and business opportunities increased across their target regions.

Next Steps

A new, fresh site design is in the works with easier access to services and images to better represent the company and its growth. Advertising may be the next step to ensure extended visibility where SEO has not yet taken hold, as well as additional tracking techniques we encourage all of our clients to utilize.


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