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Tips for Middle School Studying Habits

Alsion Montessori’s tips for middle school student’s study habits help our pupils develop an organized, effective approach to learning.
Middle schoolers with good study habits are better able to resist the lure of the internet and texting. Good study habits also pay dividends later in life. Young people who rely on solid study skills that they learned in middle school will find high school and college curriculums, as well as major projects in the workplace, less stressful.

Follow These Basic Tips for Middle School Studying Habits

  • Find a place to study that is free of distractions. The location could be anywhere, but preferably away from a TV. A quiet bedroom corner or the kitchen table may work well. There should also be a place nearby to store your student’s study supplies. We suggest parents have easy access to the study location so you can monitor internet and phone use.
  • Create an agenda and stick to it. Procrastination is the enemy of learning. Avoid late-night cram sessions at all costs – write down assignment deadlines in a notebook. Alsion Montessori middle school teachers typically assign work well ahead of the due date. Refer to the notebook each day to keep track of deadlines or measure progress on major projects or reports.
  • Write down information on study cards, which can be a surprisingly effective tool. Just the act of writing down a term on a note card, with a definition or important facts on the back, helps with memorization. Instead of thumbing through textbooks, easily accessible cards save time, too.

Our Study Tips Encourage Better Sleeping Habits

In addition to better grades, good study habits establish an efficient schedule so that students are able to get enough sleep.
Sleep-deprived students are a big concern for educators across the U.S. Middle school students require more sleep than adults – at least nine hours a night. Students with particularly busy schedules may need up to 12 hours of sleep each night.
After devoting time to academics, your student should wind down for bedtime by reading a book, listening to quiet music, or taking a bath.
Alsion Montessori’s tips for middle school studying habits result in better grades and happier, well-rested students who are better able to focus on tasks in and out of the classroom. Call 510-445-1127 today for more information on enrolling your child in Alsion Montessori middle school.
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