Three Website Design Mistakes to Guard Against

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A poorly designed website can destroy the hard work you put into your SEO and SEM before you even get the site off the ground. When you spend time and effort in attracting visitors, only to drive them away because of a bad design, you’re defeating your own purposes. Certainly, there are a multitude of inadequate design elements, but here are three that are practically guaranteed to send visitors away before they can read your landing page content.

Slow Page Load Time

While many Internet surfers are fortunate to have DSL or a high-speed connection, many others – especially in rural areas or remote corners of the world – must still endure slow dial-up or satellite speeds to get online. Keeping these deprived souls in mind by crafting pages that load quickly with limited and optimized graphics will ensure you’re not driving away visitors who could become your best customers under other conditions.

Music that Loads Automatically

Sure, some visitors may enjoy that upbeat hip-hop rhythm, or that be-bop oldies sound, but others will find it beyond annoying and close the browser window quicker than you can say Johnny B Good. If you feel music is required to create the right mood on your website, be sure to embed a control so your visitors can turn it off if they don’t like your choice of sounds.

Inconsistent Design

While a subtle difference on each page, based upon the content, may be an appealing strategy, blatantly unrelated color, graphics and other design elements brand you as an unprofessional amateur. And that’s the last thing you want! Instead, choose a design that fits your content and use the same layout on every page for an invitingly consistent design that will attract visitors and encourage them to stay longer.

Quality content may persuade a visitor to overlook poor site design, but why take a chance with your business? Create a professional, attractive design, include first-rate content (the most significant aspect of a good site), and you’ll go a long way toward creating a strong, profitable presence online.



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