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How Speed Affects Your Website

How Speed Affects Your Website A fast-loading website is crucial to your online presence. If your website is slow and frustrating to use, people will bounce off your page. Your rankings will suffer as a result, and your target audience might be directed to your competitors’ websites that do provide a better user experience. It’s…

How Voice Search May Impact Your Business

With so much focus on mobile search, many webmasters have overlooked something else that is affecting SEO: voice search. According to Google, more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan.   Also, the number of people who own smartphones continues to increase, which means that…

Smart Sites Give Local Businesses More Credibility

The majority of consumers do their research online before contacting or visiting a business. This means that their first impression of a business happens online.   If a prospective customer were to visit your website, what do you feel they would think of your business? Would you they look at you as being credible and…

Signs That Your Site Needs a Redesign

Has it been awhile since your website was last updated?   Many companies lose track of time and forget just how old their websites are. That’s a good problem to have, since it likely means that your business is keeping you busy. But it also means that you have an old website that your customers…


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