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Are Social Media Algorithms a Thing?

The search engines rely on algorithms to organize information and return the most relevant results to users, but they aren’t the only ones. Social media sites are also switching to algorithm-based feeds. While these updated feeds may not mean much for users, they certainly do for marketers.   When algorithms are thrown into the mix,…

Longer Tweets May Be in the Future for Twitter

Could you imagine a tweet that was 2,000 words long? Me neither. But it looks like that day may be coming sooner than we thought. According to a report by Re/Code, Twitter is getting ready to allow users to post tweets that are longer than 140 characters. It’s uncertain when this feature may be rolled…

Easy Ways to Build an Awesome List of Influencers

Building relationships with key influencers in your industry is a smart way to market your business without having to run a costly campaign. People place more precedence on what current customers say as opposed to the brand. As the creator of your product, you will naturally have good things to say. But for everyday people…

Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, March 08, 2011 When it comes to the social media marketing game and trying as a business to amass the largest online community you can, there are some surprisingly simple formulas for creating and developing a mammoth following. In many ways, developing social media contacts for your company and services in…


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