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Choosing the Best Social Network for Your Small Business

For the most part, no two businesses have the same exact target market. Even if your business sells something common like chocolates, you can still have a unique target market. For instance, maybe you sell fine chocolates that are given as corporate gifts, or perhaps your chocolates contain antioxidants and are directed toward health buffs….

What is the Future of Google+?

Compared to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is a much quieter contender. Despite the criticisms that some have of the social platform, Google+ maintains a steady number of loyal fans and followers. These fans appreciate the simplicity and visual-friendly layout of the platform, plus its convenient associations with Google’s other services such as…

New Changes Made to Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks for Millennials. Just a few days ago, the social app announced a series of new changes to enhance the user experience. Among these changes are improvements to emojis, Audience Data and a new Travel Mode option. Do any of these advancements help your business solidify a…


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