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Choosing the Best Social Network for Your Small Business

For the most part, no two businesses have the same exact target market. Even if your business sells something common like chocolates, you can still have a unique target market. For instance, maybe you sell fine chocolates that are given as corporate gifts, or perhaps your chocolates contain antioxidants and are directed toward health buffs….

How Social Media is Helping Small Businesses to Grow

Social media has many benefits for small businesses including market research, customer service and collaboration. It’s also a great tool for building relationships. Social media has probably turned a few visitors into loyal fans for your own brand. But if you’re like some marketers, you may misunderstand how fast the return on social media is….

Show Employees The Way To Play The Social Media Game

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, March 01, 2011 Training executives for promoting their business via social media outlets is becoming a huge focus for many companies. Social networking communities hold great potential for marketing, branding and building your company image. In fact, many companies are hiring employees expressly to manage their social networking media for them….

Marketing Through Social Networking

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, September 21, 2010 These days everyone seems to be obsessed with social media. From Facebook updates to Twitter tweets, you can keep track of what most of your friends are doing or feeling or thinking twenty-four hours a day. And, if you’re active with your account, they can keep track of…

Expand Your Reach with Social Networking

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, August 10, 2010 These days, people are treating social networks as a legitimate part of their lives. People take their online profiles seriously, and a lot of time is devoted to updating and maintaining their information. They devote even more time to browsing the networks and checking out what other people…


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