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How to Write an Effective SEO Page

The average person doesn’t realize the amount of technical work that goes into creating an online article that is suitable for SEO content. While it’s important to write naturally and in a conversationalist tone, there are details that you must pay attention to in terms of SEO. If you ignore these details, your wonderful piece…

Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website in 2017

It’s 2017 and one would assume that most businesses – large and small – have a mobile friendly website. Yet statistics show something entirely different. A recent survey of small business owners revealed that many do not believe that a mobile friendly website is a top priority. Twenty-three percent of existing business websites are not…

Signs That Your Site Needs a Redesign

Has it been awhile since your website was last updated?   Many companies lose track of time and forget just how old their websites are. That’s a good problem to have, since it likely means that your business is keeping you busy. But it also means that you have an old website that your customers…


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