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Summer Tree and Plant Care

Summer Tree and Plant Care, For Changing Seasonal Needs

Proper summer plant and tree care is important for the long-term health of your company’s landscape.
Petalon Landscape Management’s commercial clients depend on us to keep their properties looking healthy and vibrant all year long. When the weather turns warm, our staff will to meet the changing seasonal needs of your trees and plants.
We’re able to identify and find solutions when minor landscape problems surface in the summer. With years of experience as our guide, we take steps to make certain they don’t turn into major headaches in the fall.

Elements of Summer Tree and Plant Care

A program of summer tree and plant care by Petalon professionals considers these factors:
Proper irrigation is a major issue in the summer. Overwatered landscapes are common in the Bay Area. Too much moisture robs roots of oxygen and can kill plants. A drought-tolerant landscape with shrubs, plants and flowers native to California requires minimal irrigation, even in hot weather.
If you wonder whether your landscape is adequately irrigated, check to see if plant or tree leaves are supple and even-colored. If they are brown and brittle, wilting or yellowed, you may need to adjust your watering schedule.
Climate zones
The Bay Area consists of several climate zones, so the landscaping needs of each Petalon client are varied. We take into account your location, altitude, and proximity to the ocean to customize a program of summer tree and plant care for you.
Pest damage 
Insects do physical damage and can cause disease in plants and trees any time of year. Telltale signs of infection include holes, spots or discoloration on leaves. Petalon first uses organic methods to deter pests or cure the disease and prevent it from spreading throughout your landscape.
Petalon clients often ask if planting trees and shrubs in the summer is OK. We recommend restricting planting to the spring and autumn. Planting in warm or hot weather may shock a plant or tree and root development, which is critical to successful transplanting, does not naturally occur during the summer.
Begin a program of summer tree and plant care by talking with a Petalon Landscape Management professional. Contact us online or call 408-453-3998 today.
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Summer Tree and Plant Care

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