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How Students Can Boost Energy without Caffeine

To counter the dismaying trend of young people using coffee, sodas, and energy drinks to stay stimulated throughout the day, the staff at Alsion Montessori in Fremont suggests several ways your students can boost their energy without caffeine.
A Pediatrics magazine study reports consumption of caffeine is growing among teens. Our concern is that caffeine may adversely affect our students’ sleep patterns. Adequate rest is very important to the health of young people.

Natural Methods of Staying Alert

Here are several methods by which middle school students can boost their energy without caffeine:

  • Increase sunlight exposure. Even in California, many teenagers prefer to play video games inside rather than spend time outdoors. However, even brief exposure to sunlight has been shown to have positive effects on a person’s health, mood, and energy level.
  • Limit online time. This tip may be tough to practice, but it’s worth the effort. Young users of smartphones and computers become distracted managing their various electronic sources of information. Restricting the use of phones and computers may make it easier to focus on a single task and reduce fatigue.
  • Eat right. Proper nutrition does wonders for growing bodies. Limiting sugar intake avoids the inevitable drop in energy levels. Eating protein-rich breakfasts and drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps students stay sharp. It’s also perfectly acceptable for young people to eat several small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals.
  • Encourage physical activity. Difficult as it may be for busy students, finding time to exercise boosts their long-term energy levels. Physical activity need not be particularly strenuous, either. A brisk walk is very invigorating. A greater level of activity during the day also facilitates deeper, more restful sleep at night.

One final tip: Adherents of acupressure recommend pressing on a point just below your nose on the ridge of your upper lip as a way to perk up during the day. Massaging your earlobes in little circles is a reflexology technique that also may provide a pick-me-up.

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Teachers and administrators at Alsion Montessori are committed to the overall well-being of our students. That’s why we offer these suggestions on how students can boost energy without caffeine.
Learn more about our varied private school curriculum. Schedule a visit to our campus located in Fremont near historic Mission San Jose. Call 510-445-1127 today.
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