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Soft Closing Systems for Sliding Doors

Soft-closing systems are one of the most popular innovations in sliding doors in recent years.
Homeowners appreciate how quietly soft-close doors work, especially when children or guests are present and they are opening and closing doors a lot. Dampers positioned at either the top or bottom of the doorframe slow down, and then act to close the door softly.
You’ll often find soft-closing sliders outside of residences, too. They’re ideal for any location where quiet is valued, such as hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices, conference rooms, and hotels.
Here are a few more reasons that property owners are choosing soft-closing systems for their sliding doors:

  • Easy operation. Soft-close doors require very little force – in fact, just a gentle push – to close completely, a small benefit that you will appreciate more over time.
  • Less wear-and-tear. Continued forceful closing over a long period damages doorframes, tracks, rollers, stoppers, even the doors themselves. The braking apparatus on soft-close doors ends the punishment and extends the life of your sliding doors.
  • No more trapped fingers. A door that forcefully slams shut poses a danger to young children or older adults. Soft-closing systems make injuries to fingers and hands a thing of the past.

The professionals at A-1 On Track offer a big selection of sliding doors with soft-closing systems. Plus, we install and maintain sliders. For sliding doors that perform flawlessly for years, call 408-866-0267 today.
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