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Common Small Bathroom Remodeling Challenges in Willow Glen Homes


Upgrading your outdated bathroom can be one of the most satisfying home renovation projects. Imagine starting your day in your very own personal spa! In addition to enhancing your comfort and property value, it also gives you the opportunity to fix any space, plumbing and lighting issues which may be leaking money. Before you pull out the tiles and remove the bathtub, read about some typical small bathroom remodeling challenges that homeowners in Willow Glen and other areas with older homes encounter.


Older homes have character and charm that is hard to match. However, adding modern comforts can be quite challenging if you are unprepared and don’t have the right experience. Our team has the skills and knowledge, having worked with several Willow Glen homes and in other older areas. Here are a few common issues to be aware of: 

  1. Outdated plumbing systems: Most homes built in the 1930’s had galvanized steel or copper pipes. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) became the material of choice from the 1950’s. Most of these systems do not meet modern US building code and safety regulations. If you know what type of plumbing materials your home was built with, it makes replacement decisions easier. However, it is common for older homes to have a combination of materials due to repairs and upgrades over the years. Eichlers and older tract homes may be built on slabs with no basement, making access to plumbing difficult, but these are challenges that the experts at CBKR deal with regularly.
  2. Old electrical wiring: Ever lost power when using the hair dryer? Did the lights flicker as you warmed up dinner in the microwave? Older electrical systems cannot handle the load of high usage. Not only is this an inconvenience, it also poses a safety issue. Expect to change the electrical panel and wiring in your bathroom to bring it up to code.
  3. Unsafe building materials: Homes built before the 1970’s are likely to have asbestos in the flooring, wall and ceiling, and on the hot water pipes. It is important to properly identify and safely remove these materials prior to renovation. Any breaking, sanding, or drilling during remodeling risks contact with asbestos fibers and potential health issues from the exposure.
  4. Insufficient or improper venting: Does your bathroom have an exhaust fan that vents outside? If your mirrors fog up and the wall begins to sweat during or after your shower, having a fan means nothing. Ensure proper ventilation when you plan your remodel.
  5. Mold: Always look for mold before any renovations begin; especially if you have had leaks or ventilation issues in your bathroom. Moist bathrooms are the ideal breeding ground for mold spores. Black spots on the walls and baseboards, persistent wet patches and a musty smell are common signs of mold. However, do not rely on visible signs. Do a mold test to be certain. This will help prevent it from spreading to the rest of your home.
  6. Structural Issues: Old bathrooms often have structural deficiencies resulting from years of leaky tubs, showers and other plumbing. You might not recognize the extent of the damage until you begin tearing the bathroom apart, but our remodeling experts recognize the warning signs. We plan for reconstruction and reinforcement at the design stage, keeping your project on time and on budget.


At California Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelers, we offer complete design and installation services to enhance the appeal, functionality and value of your home. Our creative ideas, skilled craftsmanship and quality finishes will help you realize your dream spaces. Committed to your complete satisfaction, we work hard to complete your small bathroom remodel project within the agreed timeline and budget.

Since 1994, we have served homeowners across the Santa Clara Valley, including in Willow Glen, San Jose, Almaden, Cambrian, Santa Clara, Los Gatos and Los Altos Hills, CA. Read these testimonials from our delighted customers.

Call CBKR, your bathroom remodeling design and construction contractor at 408-360-9700 or contact us online today to schedule an in-home consultation. We can discuss your small bathroom remodeling challenges in Willow Glen and other older areas.

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