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How Do You Size A Pet Door?

It’s a reasonable question. As a homeowner, you don’t want to spend time and money on installing a pet door that Rex or Muffin can’t fit through.
First, measure the width of your dog or cat at the widest point. Then measure the height of your pet. Animals lower their heads slightly when going through the door, so measure your pet from the top of the shoulders, not the head.
Your pet should be able to pass comfortably through a door that reflects the animal’s measurements plus two extra inches each way.
Most pet doors have a “lip” at the bottom that animals must step over, so remember to account for that when calculating the dimensions of the door. If your animal has trouble stepping over a lip, doors can be custom-made without a lip.
Owners of puppies or kittens should take into account that their animals will grow. You may have to guess how large your dog or cat will eventually be, then size the door accordingly. It’s best to estimate on the large side.
Don’t forget that the day may come when you own a pet that is a different size than your current pet. You may want to plan ahead by installing a pet door that is large enough for any type of animal you are willing to own.
A-1 On Track, your local sliding door contractor, installs pet doors of all sizes. Call us at 408-866-0267 if you want help with your pet door selection and installation.
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