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Six Large Format Printing Ideas for Vehicles

The marketing potential of vehicle wraps is enormous. A wrapped car or truck is a mobile billboard with wide exposure, and today’s quality wraps last for five to seven years.
If your business is considering using wraps as part of your marketing strategy, our digital marketing team at Pacific Color Graphics offers six unique large-format printing ideas for vehicles:

  • The blowing nose. An image of a man blowing his nose is given an eye-catching, multi-dimensional effect by incorporating real fabric as the “tissue.” As the vehicle moves, the billowing fabric is a surefire attention-getter.
  • Attack of the birds. A wrap of images of bird droppings all over a vehicle is great advertising for car washes.
  • Surfing driver. A car or truck door is adorned with the side view image of the bottom half of a person surfing. With a driver or passenger inside, the impression is comical. This concept also works for other types of “bottom half” images, including that of a bikini-suited woman lounging on the beach, or roller skater.
  • Interior, revealed. Designers have gotten creative with wraps that purport to “reveal” the interior of a vehicle. Images on rear doors of vans or truck expose everything from sharks swimming in a tank to workers stacking merchandise to enormous strawberries.
  • Playfully plaid. Want your vehicle to really stand out in traffic? Adorn it in a wrap of plaid, tartan, leopard print, polka dots, bubbles, or your company colors.
  • Doggie-tail wipers. Another multi-dimensional concept places the image of the back of a sitting dog in a rear window, situated so that the pooch’s “tail” is the wiper. It helps to replace the real wiper with a stylized one that somewhat resembles a dog’s tail.

Let’s Discuss the Possibilities of Large-Format Printing Ideas for Your Vehicles

Vehicle wraps have grown in popularity the last several years. A professional wrap has a low cost per impression and is an ideal way to playfully promote your brand.
Call 888-551-1482 today to talk to a digital marketing expert at Pacific Color Graphics. Learn more about how our large-format printing ideas for vehicles can give your company mobile visibility with staying power.
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