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Six Great Reasons to Invest In a New Residential Garage Door

Still uncertain whether to replace your noisy, aging garage door?
Madden Door offers six great reasons to invest in a new residential garage door:

  • A return of 98 percent on your investment. At Madden Door, we’ve long understood that installing a new garage door is a terrific value. Recent reports prove us right. According to an article in Remodeling magazine, garage door replacement is the residential project with the single highest return on investment. Garage door projects return more than 98 percent of the homeowner’s initial cost and increase asking prices for homes by as much as 4 percent. Keep in mind that garage door projects typically cost a fraction of other home improvement projects. 
  • Match your home’s exterior. A new garage door completes your home renovation. If you have altered the appearance of your home’s exterior from industrial modern to traditional contemporary, complement the new look with a beautiful carriage door. 
  • Reduce energy costs. A garage door outfitted with weather trim and insulation will moderate temperatures inside the garage, and by extension, your home. 
  • Cut maintenance costs. If your door is at least 15 years old, it probably requires occasional repairs. Today’s quality garage doors cost less to operate because they are so reliable and need fewer repairs.
  • Smart technology. Now you can control and monitor your garage door from miles away, via a smartphone app. The app enables homeowners to operate their garage door from virtually anywhere or get alerts when the door is closed or opened. 
  • Bring more natural light inside. Purchasing a door with large windows brings much more light inside into your garage, making it easier to use your workspace or find stored items.

Madden Has 40 Years’ Experience In The Bay Area

Madden Door makes buying and installing a stylish garage door simple. Here’s why so many property owners choose Madden when it’s time to upgrade their garage door:

  • We can customize your door to complement your home’s exterior. You can do far more than just paint your door in colors that match the rest of the house. Madden designers can copy the look your home’s windows, siding, or accents. Have a design idea? Draw it out on paper, and we’ll turn it into reality. 
  • A large inventory. We offer garage doors in all styles, sizes, and materials, from all the leading manufacturers. 
  • More than four decades’ experience selling, installing and servicing garage doors. Madden is one of the most trusted garage door contractors in the Bay Area. We’re a family-owned business that wants to show you why we’ve earned a reputation for quality products and service.

Contact Madden for Expert Garage Door Installation

We’ve provided six great reasons to invest in a new residential garage door. Perhaps you have a reason of your own for installing a beautiful new garage door. Call a Madden Door representative today at 925-357-9781 to learn more.
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