Signs That Your Site Needs a Redesign

Has it been awhile since your website was last updated?


Many companies lose track of time and forget just how old their websites are. That’s a good problem to have, since it likely means that your business is keeping you busy. But it also means that you have an old website that your customers and prospects are using. If you’re not delivering a positive user experience that is intuitive and enjoyable, it’s possible that you’ll lose customers and have a harder time converting leads.


Let’s take a look at some obvious signs that your website needs a redesign.


Your website is not responsive.


It’s important for your website to be device-friendly. People spend more time than ever on their mobile devices, which means a large chunk of your audience will be accessing your site from their tablets and smartphones. If your site isn’t optimized for these devices, the user experience is going to be greatly compromised.


There are a variety of DIY tools for making your site responsive, but it’s best to work with a pro. Once you make the investment, you’ll be glad you did. You don’t have to worry about maintaining two site designs. You can also expect a seamless experience across devices so that no user is left out in the cold.


You’re having a hard time keeping it updated.


How difficult is it to keep your website up to date? If you’ve been struggling, it may be because the site design is old and no longer user-friendly. It may also be because the content is stale and contains a lot of time-sensitive information.


Today’s websites are clean, uncluttered and minimal. They are easy to keep updated, and the content is fresh and engaging. Users should be able to effortlessly navigate your site and find what they’re looking for right away. The content should include clear CTAs that tell users exactly what you want them to do next.


If your site doesn’t have this type of clean, uncomplicated design, it’s probably time for an update.


Your website takes a long time to load.


Slow loading times are frustrating. If your site isn’t optimized, you’re going to suffer a high bounce rate. A responsive web design will take care of this problem if your site hasn’t been updated. But if it’s still slower than it should be with a responsive design, it’s possible that you need to have less information on your pages.


ISPs and mobile networks sometimes place restrictions on the amount of data that users can be given in a certain time period, which can contribute to slow loading times. Cutting down on information and using smaller, optimized images and media will help in this case. Also, it’s best to use Flash sparingly since not all devices have the program installed on them.


Users aren’t going past your homepage.


There’s something wrong if users aren’t navigating past your homepage. Google Analytics will tell you this information so that you can better understand how visitors use your site. If they are bouncing off your homepage quickly and not going any further, it’s possible that your site just isn’t enticing enough.


A complete redesign will give you an updated look that is more engaging and confident. This will make users more excited to explore your site, plus instill trust and brand loyalty.


If you’re considering a site redesign, WSI Net Advantage can help! We build websites from scratch, or we redesign existing ones. We will also make your site responsive so that it’s compatible across devices. Call us today at 510-687-9737 or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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