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Should You Just Maintain or Upgrade Your Eichler Home?

Not Sure If You Should Maintain or Upgrade Your Eichler Home?

Retain the Original Vision with Expert Home Remodeling

As an Eichler homeowner, you may be skeptical about renovations because you are anxious to preserve the original look of your home. A deteriorating façade can, however, increase your maintenance expenses every year. With rising home prices and the growing trend towards generational living, you may want to increase the existing interior space. Perhaps you dream of a modern kitchen and luxurious bathroom—two remodeling projects that provide greater comfort and significant returns on your investment. If you are trying to decide whether to maintain or upgrade your Eichler home, here is a quick overview of important dos and don’ts outlined in an article.

Eichler Home Maintenance and Renovation Guidelines

  • Replace old fencing: A rotting and sinking fence is unattractive and unsafe. Retaining the distinctive Eichler look can be a bit of a challenge. Homeowners who have walked the fine line suggest using the carport as inspiration. Mimicking the glass inserts, for instance, can give a sophisticated appearance. You may choose a cedar fence with bamboo posts for a rustic look.
  • Replace old siding: Repainting or staining worn out siding is just a temporary solution. The three most common types of Eichler style siding are available at The company also offers custom solutions to replicate the specific type your home needs.
  • Restore exterior lighting fixtures: A light sandblasting can remove the dirt and corrosion from your anodized aluminum fixtures. Powder-coating or re-anodizing will restore them beautifully. You may want to consider adding motion sensors for enhanced security. Keep in mind that if the corrosion is severe, re-anodization might give mixed results. If so, look for contemporary lights that will blend nicely with the Eichler design.
  • Change the old front door: Finding the right replacement for your front or garage door is challenging. To upgrade the look without taking away from the Eichler charm, architects recommend custom doors. It is also possible to automate your original garage doors with electronic sensors. Except when broken, it is not necessary to replace them.
  • Aim for an integrated look with your home addition: This is perhaps the hardest part of any Eichler home renovation project. Inappropriate remodels not only look out of place, they will also lower your property value. It is best to hire a professional home remodeling contractor with extensive knowledge of Eichler designs.

Eichler Home Remodeling Specialists

At Flegel’s Construction Co., we work hard to exceed your expectations of workmanship and service quality. As Eichler home renovation specialists, we create a harmonious blend of past and present. You can count on us to preserve the unique, mid-century architectural features of your home while giving it a modern touch. We are happy to work with your designer/architect to ensure your Eichler home renovation project is a success.
These testimonials from our happy clients in Silicon Valley including Palo Alto, Los Altos, San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View, CA, speak for our quality. 
Call 408-269-1101 or contact us online to learn more about how to maintain or upgrade your Eichler home.
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