SEO Class in San Jose, CA December 5, 2017

Search Engine Optimization – Get Found on the Web

Let the Search Engines work for you!

I will be teaching this class so I hope you can attend!

In this class you will learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).  You will learn about the number of factors that contribute to a webpage’s success for getting listed on page one of Google.  We’ll dissect actual successful websites to see how they are able to achieve success and compare to sites that are not so successful.  We’ll also help you set your expectations so you can balance your SEO efforts with other possible options for marketing on the web.

Note: This class is intended for the more advanced business owner who currently has an active website or has one in development.  No programming knowledge is required.

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Key Topics:

 Find out how to:

  •        Determine best keywords for your business
  •      Identify the important factors on your website for SEO
  •      Understand the roles and importance of the top factors
  •      Learn how to submit for incoming links
  •      Create content that works for you
  •      Measure your results, including Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and more

Learning Outcomes:

You will come out of this class with a basic understanding of SEO, and what factors you need to implement on your site to establish a natural online presence.

What People Are Saying About This Class:

  • “Instructor was very knowledgeable, great tips and tricks”

  • “Great class, I now have lots of ideas”

  • “Very practical and helpful”

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