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Seasonal Color Planting Services

Professional Color Planting Services for Any Season

We offer anywhere from 2 to 4 cycles of seasonal planting. There are endless choices when it comes to selecting colors for your landscape, but only certain varieties of plants will thrive in California’s climate, and our experts know which seasonal plants will do best.

Adding a pop of color to your commercial landscape is a great way to make it stand out from the crowd as unique and noteworthy. Gachina Landscape Management offers seasonal color planting services for commercial landscapes in the Bay Area. No matter the time of year, your landscape can boast stunning colors that are sure to amaze.

Select the right variety

While choosing the right colors scheme is important, selecting the right varieties of plants is even more significant. We will recommend plants that will not only look beautiful but are also tough enough to survive! Key considerations are:

  • The water needs of the plant. In the summer months, California has unusually dry spring through fall months, which make it difficult for water dependent plants to thrive. Winters tend to be more wet, so plants don’t need to be as low-water use.
  • The amount of sun your landscape sees, aka exposure. This will change throughout the year, with less sun in the winter months. Many flowering plants need lots of sun to grow, but not all species need it. We can help you select the right colorful plants to correspond with the sun and shade ratios of your landscape.
  • Soil type is also important as to plant selection and maintenance.  Certain flowers and plants thrive in sandy soil or loam.  Others love harder clay or rocky soils.  Gachina can augment soils to ensure healthy growth but some plants need deeper root systems to thrive.  Deciding on the types of plants before understanding soil content can lead to dying plants and excessive replacements.
  • Terrain slope and drainage considerations also matter.  Planting shallow-rooted plants in sloping terrains risks excessive soil runoff during rainy periods.  Softer, absorbent soils will maintain water, possibly drowning plants in areas of poor drainage.  Rocky or clay soil risks erosion of the top layers of steeper hillsides, exposing the subsoils and just creating mud.  Proper soil preparation and plant selection can avoid these issues.
  • Keep in mind how windy the Bay Area can get. Wind can cause roots to dislodge from soil, blow tall plants over and desiccate them. If your landscape is in a windy area, we can provide plants with flexible stems that are wind resistant.
  • Lastly, we also consider the other plants in your landscape. Your landscape needs a balance of color, size, shape and type of plant to make it look appealing. We can design your landscape to look its best all year long.

Playing around with color is a great way to create a stunning landscape, and Gachina can help you to keep that color year-round with our season color planting services.

We are the seasonal color experts

At Gachina Landscape Management, we use our years of experience to provide seasonal color planting services that will delight. Our experts carefully choose the right varieties for each season, keeping in mind the requirements of your landscape. Click here to visit us online and request an estimate from one of our landscape experts or call us at 866-839-5873 today.

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